Artylu Designs presents the artwork of Cindy Heine.  Originally from the Midwest, Cindy began her painting activities in her mid-thirties.  Although most of her art techniques are self-taught, she has taken art classes in Hawaii, Iceland, and the Pacific Northwest.  The classes ranged from art history to watercolor to acrylic.  Now in her seventies, she spends part of every day on her art projects.

Her work has been called “whimsical” and “lighthearted”.  She particularly likes bringing joy to those who view her paintings.

In addition to watercolors, she has recently resumed work in acrylics, and new to her is exploring abstract painting techniques. 

Cindy is the creative and artist, but the work is collaborative with her husband Dick, who has supported her work by doing the footwork, scanning, framing, among emotional support and so much more. They have and do remain an incredible team.

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